The Best Ways to Get Traffic to a New Site

Use Google+ with Authorship

Google Plus is the social network for Google, so it stands to reason that they’re going to make posts on their social networking site rank nicely. One thing you can do to get more benefits from this tool is to set up Google Authorship.


Google Plus allows you to post longer items on their site, along with images and video if you want. The site is great on its own to post your site pages to, and they get indexed quickly for Google SERPs.

But you can also hook up your blog with Google Plus using Authorship and get an edge over your competition in the SERPs. It places a thumbnail image of your headshot next to your link in Google.

You might not see how significant this is, but it means that on a page where the searcher sees nothing but text, your link stands out with a picture image. It draws the eye in.

First, you have to have a good headshot. It needs to be a profile picture. Your pages on your site need to have a byline that says “By (Your name)” so that Google can recognize you as the contributor.

The names have to match, so if your name is James Doe, you can’t use Jim Doe. The email for your account needs to match that one for your domain, too. If you don’t have one, there’s a workaround listed by Google for this.

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